Transforming Education: How District Leaders are Incorporating AI This Fall

Date & Time: Thursday, July 18th at 2 pm ET

Discover how personalized learning, AI-driven chatbots, and smart assessment tools are revolutionizing teaching and learning, making tasks more efficient, and bringing joy back to the classroom, while improving communication.

Ten AI-Powered Tools for Teachers to Try Today

Date & Time: Thursday, May 16th at 4 pm ET

The landscape of educational technology has transformed dramatically in the last year, exploding with the rise of AI tools for teachers. From streamlining student feedback to creating interactive content tools, AI-powered platforms have become essential for educators. As classrooms increasingly integrate digital tools, understanding these AI tools is crucial for teachers.

Charting the Digital Frontier: Building Blocks of Cyber-Resilient Education Systems

Date & Time: Wednesday, December 13th at 2 pm ET

A gateway to understanding the pivotal transition in K-12 cybersecurity from awareness to resilience. As cyber threats grow in sophistication, our districts must not only adapt but anticipate. But how?

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