Charting the Digital Frontier: Building Blocks of Cyber-Resilient Education Systems

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Date & Time: Wednesday, December 13th at 2 pm ET

Join us this December for an enlightening prelude to our comprehensive workshop at the FETC conference, titled “Charting the Digital Frontier: Building Blocks of Cyber-Resilient Education Systems.” This webinar serves as the gateway to understanding the pivotal transition in K-12 cybersecurity from awareness to resilience. As cyber threats grow in sophistication, our districts must not only adapt but anticipate. But how?

In this exclusive preview, we’ll uncover the building blocks for transforming your district into a digitally resilient fortress. You’ll get a sneak peek into:

  • The Evolution of Cyber Threats: Trace the transformation in cybersecurity challenges within the last year and understand the urgency for an evolved stance.
  • Pillars of Digital Resilience: Discover what ‘Digital Resilience’ means for a K-12 district and why it’s the cornerstone of modern educational delivery.
  • Community as a Cyber Shield: Learn about the critical role of galvanizing district-wide efforts—from educators to learners—in fortifying cybersecurity defenses.
  • Actionable Insights: Gain early access to insights that will shape the strategies for safeguarding your educational environment.
  • Blueprint Preview: Receive an exclusive preview of what it takes to craft your ‘District Resilience Blueprint’ through a snapshot of our hands-on, interactive session planned for the conference.
  • The Proactive Shift: Explore how districts can move from a defensive to a proactive cybersecurity posture, readying themselves against future challenges.

Cap off the session with a Q&A segment that will not only answer your immediate concerns but also deepen your curiosity about the advanced strategies we’ll be unveiling at FETC. This webinar is not just a conversation starter—it’s the first step towards redefining the cybersecurity narrative in your district.
Seize the initiative: Be among the first to embark on this journey towards creating an unbreakable digital learning environment. Reserve your spot today, and let’s pave the way for a safer, more resilient future at FETC!


 Don Wolff, CTO of Portland Public Schools (PPS) in Portland, Oregon

 Tami Lundberg, CTO of Fresno Unified School District, California

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