Two-thirds of districts will build, replace aging facilities

About two-thirds of district leaders say their districts will repair, replace or build new schools this year, according to a DA survey.

Like last year’s responses, in which 66 percent of leaders reported having construction plans, 64 percent of readers say some degree of work will be underway in 2017.

Athletic fields or facilities will get improvements at many districts this year. Just under a quarter of survey respondents say they expect to devote construction funding to their sports facilities, compared to last year’s 16 percent.

Only 11 percent of leaders say that they won’t build or repair buildings because they have no funding, compared to last year’s 25 percent. And 9 percent say this year that they have already built or renovated what they needed.

A total of 287 leaders participated in DA’s construction survey, which was part of a broader set of trend surveys that was deployed to readers late last year.

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