States that require recess, states that require general and physical activity

By: | October 25, 2017

States that require recess in elementary school

Connecticut: 20 minutes of supervised recess daily, preferably outdoors

Indiana: Daily physical activity that may include the use of recess

Missouri: Minimum of one 20-minute recess period

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Rhode Island: Minimum of 20 consecutive minutes of free play

Virginia: Daily recess during the regular school year

Florida: 20 minutes of daily recess

States that require general and physical activity

Arkansas: 90 minutes weekly in K6

Colorado: 600 minutes monthly for full-time elementary students (exercise programs, fitness breaks, recess, field trips and classroom activities with physical activity and PE)

Iowa: 30 minutes daily in K5

Louisiana: 30 minutes in K8

North Carolina: 30 minutes daily in K8 on days without PE

South Carolina: Minimum of 150 minutes weekly (60 of which come from PE) in K5

Tennessee: 90 minutes weekly in K8 Texas: Minimum of 30 minutes daily in K5