Shawn Joseph, director of schools, creates four groups of K12 educational facilities

Visiting the homes of 900 students, replacing nine titles with 10 leadership positions in education
By: | March 24, 2017

Shawn Joseph, director of schools in Metro Nashville Public Schools in Tennessee, created four new groups of K12 educational facilities. Each group will consist of about 40 schools and have a new area superintendent who will report to the chief of schools.

The effort will streamline communications, giving administrators one person to report to instead of many. Previously, the district was organized with specific directors who oversaw elementary, middle, high and priority schools.

Elizabeth MacWilliams, principal at Carroll Magnet Middle School of Wake County Public School System in North Carolina, visits every one of her 900 students at their homes over the school year.

The one-on-one visits, which take place after school and on weekends, have encouraged some students to work harder in class and improve grades. Parents also feel their children are being supported and, in turn, believe they can make progress academically.

David Dude, superintendent of City Schools of Decatur, Georgia, has replaced nine department head titles with 10 district leadership positions in his first 16 months as superintendent.

He made the shift to move decision-making from the central office to the schools, creating more collaboration among the departments by encouraging them to plan together. Current staff members will fill most of the new positions; no one will lose their job.

Ray Bendici is special projects editor.