SEL & Student Mental Health Support As Essential Components for Attendance & Enrollment Recovery

Date & Time: Tuesday, March 1, 2022 2:00 pm ET

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David Adams, CEO of Urban Assembly Board Member at CASEL

Joanna Smith, Founder and CEO AllHere Intelligent Attendance Intervention

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Before the pandemic, 13% to 22% of school-age youth experienced some mental health challenge. Now researchers estimate that that number is up to 80%. Students have experienced a lot – not only isolation away from their peers, but sadly in many cases loss of work for family members or loss of life in their families. So many of our students are in great need right now, and many districts can struggle with where to start.

In this webinar, leading experts in the field, including David Adams, CEO of Urban Assembly and Board Member at CASEL, and Joanna Smith, CEO of AllHere, will walk through what you can do right now to take a broader, better-integrated approach to addressing mental health in 2022-along with ways to meet whatever students’ needs are, including social-emotional, attendance, behavior, and course performance.

They will cover strategies for:

  • Creating conditions for attendance & recovery through SEL
  • Supporting your community with consistent communication
  • Creating positive social-emotional skills in your organization

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