Parent payment systems for K12 schools

Parents can now pay with checks using school transaction systems and can download apps that send push notifications for new or overdue fees. While most platforms schedule payments or store receipt and balance information, some systems allow multiple people to make payments for a student instead of limiting transactions to one person. One portal provides access to private online communities to chat with other members.



Parents can access this online payment process system 24/7 through a link on their school district’s website to pay for items using credit cards or electronic checks. PaySchools automatically processes and transfers these payments to the school’s local bank accounts. Parents can also view historical purchases and payments online. Passwords are required throughout the program, and personal bank or credit card information are never stored.



An unlimited number of parents can access this self-service interface to  make online purchases. Schools can also accept  in-person cash, check and in-person credit card transactions with iPads by plugging virtual terminals into their devices. SchoolPay deposits funds and payments in two banking days.



This Microsoft SQL Server-based cash receipting software accepts food service deposits, and fine and fee payments online. Parents and students can use InTouch Receipting to request and receive financial activity ledgers online or in person. Additionally, the software integrates with schools’ library systems, student schedule systems and other district applications for parent convenience.



The MMS online platform allows parents to make payments with credit, debit or electronic checks through the same parent portal they use to check grades, homework and attendance. Parents use MMS to pay tuition and fees, and to fund lunch accounts. These transactions are made almost immediately so parents won’t be surprised by cleared checks later on.



This fully integrated web application accepts credit and debit card payments from any PC with internet access for before and after school child care. Parents can make transactions online at the same site many districts use to accept payments for school activity funds. OSC sends receipts to emails on file, and allows parents to view and print their transaction history and student balances.


Schools can open a PayPal account to accept credit card, debit card and PayPal payments from parents online or in person. PayPal uses the Livingtree Give fundraising platform for districts and parent organizations to hold online fundraising sales and to create or access preexisting donor campaigns.



This online system features a new K12PaymentCenter mobile app that lets parents pay online and schedule automatic transactions from any device. Parents can also view account balances and purchases, and set up low-balance and new-fee push notification alerts.




Parents can sign onto this online payment platform using their student information system school account and pay fees for the whole family in one transaction. RYCOR only displays billing information relevant to the student. Parents can also use this portal to complete and sign school forms electronically.




Parents can pay for school activities and check cafeteria balances and purchases by logging on to the MySchoolBucks website or downloading the mobile app. MySchoolBucks automatically sends notifications when payments are due. Parents can also set up automatic payments and receive low-balance alerts.




This cloud-based, mobile-friendly portal allows parents to pay child care invoices by check or credit card. Users can split payments with other family members and set up automatic transactions. They can then track payments, download child care tax statements and view upcoming invoices.



Skookii Inc.

Parents can use this online portal or mobile app to set up electronic transactions that allow schools to debit funds directly from their banking accounts at no additional cost. Schools can outsource credit card payment transactions. Skookii lets parents accept purchases and provides access to a private online community.



KEV Group

Parents can access this web-based platform on any device to make school payments using e-checks, preloaded funds, and credit or debit cards. Parents can also view digital receipts and lists of past and outstanding transactions. The suite sends email notifications of new fees and overdue payments.

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