New resource helps districts to manage ADHD, comply with Section 504

By: | October 15, 2021

LRP Media Group, a recognized leader in the special education publishing industry, has released a new update to Managing ADHD at School: What Educators Need to Know to Comply With Section 504. This updated resource provides districts with the information they need to defend against the increasing allegations of discrimination against students with ADHD.

The new Managing ADHD at School: What Educators Need to Know to Comply With Section 504 has expanded to include four new sample forms and tools, 27 new case summaries, two new You Be the Judge features, new OCR guidance, and 17 new practical guidance stories that add context and clarification to the material contained in the original publication. It discusses the impact of COVID-induced extended school closures on students with ADHD. It helps to guide districts through the challenges they face in locating, identifying, and evaluating students with ADHD, providing required services, and implementing 504 accommodations virtually post-pandemic. Additionally, it acknowledges the advent of online instruction, which has revealed new ways to provide services and accommodate students at home, as well as the evolution of new best practices.

The update includes concrete steps districts can take to ensure that they don’t discriminate against students with ADHD in violation of Section 504 — from locating and identifying students who have or are suspected of having ADHD to evaluating those students and crafting plans that address their unique needs and abilities.

The 2021 update also tells 504 coordinators, special education directors, and educators how to:

• Help students with ADHD successfully return to in-person learning
• Recognize when a student with ADHD needs new or different accommodations to meet his needs
• Determine what constitutes a “substantial” limitation
• Train staff on a “sample ADHD plan”
• Implement daily report cards for students with ADHD in virtual, hybrid settings
• Respond to parent requests for new accommodations in virtual settings
• Balance accommodations with behavioral interventions in 504 plans
• Implement common accommodations in a remote learning environment
• Engage students with ADHD in remote learning
• Keep students with ADHD engaged during online learning
• Distinguish between signs of ADHD in a child versus readjustment to a new educational environment
• Identify the common characteristics of each type of ADHD and meet child find obligations
• Collect data and log the provision of accommodations

“Allegations of discrimination against students with ADHD are on the rise,” said author Kelli Dreier, Esq. “This update is chock-full of new case law, strategies, best practices, forms, and tools staff need to ensure they meet their legal obligations under Section 504.”

Managing ADHD at School: What Educators Need to Know to Comply With Section 504 is available for purchase from LRP Publications’ online store.

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