New book gives educators confidence in spending Title I on family engagement

By: | September 25, 2019

The fear of running afoul of federal grant principles can inhibit innovation at schools serving our neediest students. The impact of family engagement funds often does not extend much further than fulfilling the requirements of a Title I annual meeting.

LRP Publications, a recognized leader in the federal grants management publishing industry, announced that it has released a book, Can We Order Pizza? Spending Title I Funds on Family Engagement, to give educators the confidence to make better use of Title I dollars for family engagement. The book will also feed readers’ ambitions for more innovative and impactful practices. Learn how some districts use Title I funds to tackle intergenerational poverty or childhood obesity.

The pamphlet covers the importance of family engagement, Title I set-asides for family engagement, federal cost principles, common audit errors, equitable services for private school families, best practices to emulate, and what to consider before ordering pizza or any kind of food. The appendix is a handy reference guide to commonly cited regulations, non-regulatory guidance, and policy letters as well as sample forms that readers can adapt for their own use.

Can We Order Pizza? Spending Title I Funds on Family Engagement  is available for purchase from LRP Publications’ online store.