Keeping up with the fast-moving world of assistive technology

Special education tech expert and FETC 2020 presenter Kindy Segovia discusses developments including new coaching models and efforts to increase the number of tools available inside classrooms.

Kindy Segovia is the Supervisor of Special Education Instructional Resources for the Kent Intermediate School District in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and a presenter for four sessions at this January’s FETC 2020. Segovia’s sessions will focus on access, removing barriers, and the use of assistive technology.

Over the past several years, Segovia has seen positive changes regarding barriers facing assistive technology. She explains, “We’re finally starting to see some implementation of moving beyond—especially in the world of assistive technology—the one-student, one-solution strategy that we’ve adopted and implemented for a long time.”

Overall there has been a greater embrace of new coaching models and efforts to increase available tools inside classrooms. “We’re trying to find tools and strategies that meet the needs of more students, if not all students. [We are looking] not just to assist the classroom teacher but make system-wide change. While that can be daunting and difficult, we are starting to see that trend have a little bit of an upswing,” she adds.

Listen to the full Q&A here.

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