itslearning approved as learning management provider

December 4, 2018

itslearning has been named an approved provider by the Washington Learning Source program. The K12 learning management system has gone through the established purchasing agreement vetting process by the Washington program and its nine regional Education Service Districts.

itslearning, the learning management system designed with K12 teachers and students in mind, has been named an approved provider by the Washington Learning Source (WLS) program. This means that Washington K12 education leaders can now implement itslearning with the knowledge that it has gone through the established purchasing agreement vetting process by WLS and its nine regional Education Service Districts.

This announcement comes in the midst of a banner year for itslearning. The company recently publicized its collaboration with Google for Education, delivering the first phase of a comprehensive technology roadmap and announced wins in France for 338,000 in 600 schools, as well as major districts in Florida, Arkansas, and Texas.

“Giving Washington educators visibility into the complete picture of each student as well as the tools they need to more easily manage their classrooms and personalize education, is vital for 21st century learning,” said Arne Bergby, CEO of itslearning. “By implementing itslearning, Washington educators can now join a growing number of schools and districts that are setting a new course in transforming curriculum management and instruction through the use of our LMS.”

The itslearning LMS is revolutionizing the way students, teachers, administrators, and parents use education technology. In addition to connecting a class or district’s digital solutions under a single, intuitive platform, itslearning enables its vast network of global educators and administrators to share curriculum resources including nearly 2 million free and open resources and 14,000+ playlists that are included as part of the LMS. Teachers can also share best practices and personal experiences to create better educational outcomes.

For students this collaboration extends to their coursework, classroom and beyond, allowing them to participate in discussions, speak their minds, gain a perspective beyond the classroom’s four walls, and work together to gain deeper understanding through the easy-to-use interface that is aligned with the way students want to use technology.

Without ever leaving the itslearning LMS platform, Washington’s educators will also find it easier to synchronize their preferred cloud service with their itslearning accounts and all their favorite cloud apps alleviating the complex, time-consuming, and costly challenges of integrating technology in the classroom.

“At itslearning, we’re making it possible for educators to more easily personalize education and improve student outcomes, but in a way that works effortlessly with their current systems and teaching approach, added Bergby.”

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About Washington Learning Source

The Washington Learning Source is a statewide program developed by Washington’s nine regional Educational Service Districts (ESD) to provide a place for districts to choose products and services that meet their needs and create economic efficiencies through ESD collaboration and a regionally supported delivery model.

About itslearning

Established in 1999, itslearning is headquartered in Boston, MA and Bergen, Norway and serves more than 7 million users worldwide. For more information, visit