Gaining the trust of administrators and teachers as a tech director

Eujon Anderson, technology director for Alabama's Troy City Schools and an FETC 2020 speaker, discusses the importance of communication and professional learning to developing trust
Eujon Anderson is the technology director for Troy City Schools in Troy, Alabama.

Eujon Anderson is the Technology Director for Alabama’s Troy City Schools. He will be presenting at FETC 2020, coming to Miami in January, focusing on the impact of technology on instructional leaders, coaches, and teachers.

Anderson entered his education career from the technical side. Around nine years ago, he was employed by a district working behind the scenes in network configuration when the district technical director left for a different position. The new job opening was offered to Anderson, initiating his journey as a technology director.

“I fell into [the position], but it was also exciting. The learning curve was very high for me, especially with the direction I wanted to go. Like most directors with a technical background, my first [instinct] was to make certain that we lock everything down [in terms of] access to our network. We know what can happen on the back end when a teacher accidentally enters the wrong thing.”

Listen to the full Q&A here.

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