Energy management for schools

Managing school energy use can save money and accelerate conservation. The latest in energy management technology can prevent waste automatically while allowing administrators to control ventilation and other systems from a computer or mobile app. Some platforms also track billing information and send alerts during emergencies, such as power outages.

One energy management solution even recycles outdated light bulbs.

Aircuity 2.0


Aircuity has updated its management platform, which optimizes building ventilation and provides 24/7 access to environmental quality data. Version 2.0 features improved cybersecurity and the ability to monitor diagnostic data, trends and workflow patterns. The updated platform can send data in scheduled emails and offers a free MyAircuity app.


Automated Logic

OptiPoint touchscreen interfaces provide visibility and control over individual HVAC units for the WebCTRL building automation system. Administrators can zoom in and out of graphs, and swipe between reports. Each interface features multi-level password protection, and is wall- and panel-mountable.

ECCI Energy Management Program

Energy Control Consultants Inc.

The ECCI management program monitors sensor data to stop energy waste. For example, it will turn off excessive cooling if air conditioning is left on during non-working hours. Administrators can use a mobile device to access a range of sensor readings from various facilities.

Dude Solutions Energy

Dude Solutions

Administrators can use this utilities tracking tool to identify billing errors and determine how much their district spends on these services. This cloud-based solution tracks conservation efforts and syncs data with Energy Star to compare utility usage with other facilities. It also monitors carbon emissions.

Bulb Eater 3

Air Cycle, a TerraCycle company

This machine crushes CFLs, u-tubes and straight linear lamps of any length and stores the bits for recycling in a 55-gallon drum, which can hold 1,359 four-foot lamps. Bulb Eater 3 can save 50 percent on recycling costs and minimize storage space by up to 80 percent. Air Cycle offers pickup options.

Desigo CC


This management platform monitors and controls the performance of HVAC and energy systems in real time using video surveillance and detailed graphics. The platform also creates trend graphs and sends SMS text messages, emails and pages during emergencies. Additionally, it manages fire safety and security systems.

Trane Air-Fi wireless system


This wireless system has sensors that measure building temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and occupancy status. These sensors feature a 200-foot indoor signal range and a self-repairing mesh technology that prevents communication failures.

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