DA 100 education influencers: Jermall Wright

The Seattle Public Schools superintendent is dedicated to ensuring all students thrive by transforming organizational culture and redesigning preK-12 systems and supports.
Jermall Wright
Jermall Wright

Introducing District Administration’s first annual comprehensive list—in no particular order—of some of the country’s most influential, impactful leaders and innovators in K12 education. Collectively but in varying capacities they’re helping shape the future of students across the country— and around the world—by turning their passions into actions:

Little Rock Schools’ Superintendent Jermall Wright’s path to his current station included leading the Mississippi Achievement District, where he stepped in as superintendent in 2019. He is an advocate of choice for all students and his work reflects his philosophy of providing a path for all students to break out of the cycles of poverty and other generational issues.

The DA 100 education influencers list. (Keep checking back until it’s complete).


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