Comfort and class: School furniture

Latest trends in classroom furniture reflect the need to better support technology
By: | October 17, 2016

As teaching has evolved with the increase of educational technology, so has the classroom space itself. Many schools are creating more comfortable, coffee shop-like collaborative environments with a new breed of desks, chairs and work tables.

The latest trends in classroom furniture also reflect the need to better support technology. Charging stations abound, and traditional chairs and desks are being replaced with upholstered furniture that provide ports for power and USB connections.

Charging units are also becoming more compact—rolling carts with 30 power slots are gradually giving way to tabletop stations that take up less space and can be easily moved.

Newer desks and tables are now designed so they can be rearranged more easily, to keep pace with changing teaching methods and increased emphasis on collaboration. Classrooms are also incorporating workplace innovations, such as standing desks and other ergonomic products designed to improve health.

And in the next few years, tables, desks and other products that include wireless charging stations will become more prevalent. The goal is to clear spaces of power wires and connection cables.


Middle Atlantic Products

Hub is a technology-ready, all-in-one furniture solution for collaboration spaces, designed for integrating into active learning classrooms. Each Hub features rack-mounting space, an on-board power strip and accessories for small device mounting. The tabletop has two HDMI cable retractors, a display wall mount and an additional power strip for use at the display.

Cascade Two-Sided Whiteboard Unit

Smith System

The new Cascade Two-Sided Whiteboard Unit is a versatile, mobile product that offers flexibility for instruction and collaboration needs in the classroom as well as additional storage. Key features of the unit include magnetic writing surfaces on both sides and customizable extra-wide storage totes.

Learniture Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool

School Outfitters

Available in three colors (black, gray and red), this adjustable-height vinyl stool features a non-slip, curved base and a wide range of motion—offering the flexibility to be used in any grade. The backless design encourages proper posture, and the lightweight polypropylene frame makes for easy cleaning, moving and storing.

iC 30


LocknCharge’s iC 30 compact cart allows users to charge and store 30 devices (with up to 13-inch screens), and features handy storage baskets that hold five iPads each for quick classroom distribution. The top lid doubles as a instructional work surface, and can be locked with a padlock. An optional heavy-duty anchor kit secures the cart when not in use.



Thread is an electrical power distribution product designed to provide multiple outlets at a convenient height—ideal for supplying power to the middle of classrooms and collaboration spaces. The modular assembly allows for placement flexibility and use in any room, and the ultrathin design lays neatly underneath carpets, lowering its impact on foot traffic.

NF Chair

VS America

The versatile NF Chair comes in 11 colors and works with multiple bases (including wheels, four legs and z-bars), and will be compatible with the upcoming high-stacking wire base line. It features a padded seat and backrest, optional armrests, a flexible seat angle, and a back cutout to allow air flow for student comfort and easy carrying.

iGroup Collaborative Learning System


The iGroup desk system provides a flexible and colorful collaboration space, allowing students to face each other, to sit offset, or to work side-by-side. The triangular desktop sections can be customized to support books, markers, tablets and laptops; leg heights can be ordered to scale; and locking casters allow easy mobility and stationary performance.

Intellect Wave Sit/Stand Desk


KI’s Intellect Wave sit/stand desk adjusts from heights of 29 to 41 inches, and has an adjustable foot bar that helps reduce back tension and leg fatigue. The ergonomic design and gentle curve of the surface also help students work comfortably, and the open footprint makes it easier for custodial services to clean around it.

Ergotron 24-457-003 Sit-Stand Desk


Ergotron’s Sit-Stand desk, ideal for ages 6 and up, adjusts with a simple hand lever that students can operate on their own and set to their own comfortable height. Wheels allow students to move the desk for small projects, plus the desk features a hook to hang a backpack, a cup holder, tablet slot and pencil tray, all integrated into the worksurface.

CEF MultiPurpose & Universal LC-1-30 Charging Station

Custom Education Furniture

The LC-1-30 comes with 30 device compartments, 36 power outlets, front wire management access, front and rear locking doors, and wheels that swivel and lock. Available in four finishes, the station doubles as a teacher lectern and features a switching timer and power adapter trays.

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