Civics lessons with the Supreme Court

November 8, 2018 PeskyMonkey

“There’s no such things as not voting. Not voting is voting,” said Eric Liu. “It’s voting to hand your power over to someone else who’s gonna say, ‘Thank you very much. Let me take that voice and that power and exercise it in your name, but in my interests.'”

Makes sense, right? And yet, less than half of eligible voters are expected to show up at the polls this Tuesday. And that’s a vexing problem according to Liu. “I think the greatest enemy here is indifference,” he told Mo Rocca. “Indifference can take various forms. One is, ‘The game is rigged, so why should I even bother paying attention? My vote doesn’t matter.’ The other form is, ‘Huh? What?’ Not even apathy, but complete ignorance.'”

He said there has been, across the country, a disinvestment in civic education, which is why Liu started Citizen University, a program that travels the country teaching people of all ages the lost art of civics.