COVID outbreaks and mask mandates are interfering with first day of school

A Kentucky district delayed opening. Two large East coast districts mandated masks. But those systems are most certainly the outliers

Odds are, monkeypox won’t disrupt your schools…but COVID still might

Monkeypox is making headlines but health experts say school leaders shouldn't worry about the infection becoming as disruptive as COVID.

Most mask mandates ended last school year. Now they are slowly returning

Much of the general public has ditched masks despite rising COVID cases but students in some districts are facing mandates as the new school year begins.

Are principal salaries keeping up with COVID’s challenges? Some say no

While steady increases appear to be keeping up with the cost of living, heavier workloads may be throwing salaries out of balance.

How schools are targeting safety more precisely during the latest COVID wave

School leaders are not rushing to impose districtwide mask mandates or close schools to combat the omicron-driven resurgence of COVID.

More activist parents aren’t going away. Here’s how to work with them.

What K-12 leaders need to know about a new generation of parents promoting both conservative and liberal causes.

‘The need for masking may come and go, like the need for a jacket in winter’

More school districts are dropping mask mandates than are reinstating them as educators wait to see if the latest COVID wave will match past surges in severity.

School closures. A new mask mandate. COVID is coming back, but how bad?

Masks will once again be required in Philadelphia's schools as other large districts are also seeing an increase in COVID cases. Still, K-12 leaders elsewhere are dropping their mask mandates.

Top 10 states where the most in-person learning occurred during COVID

"School closures may ultimately prove to be the most costly policy decision of the pandemic era." That's the somber conclusion made by researchers taking a fresh look at the economic and other impacts of COVID. 

How are school leaders responding as COVID rises again in some districts?

Neither mask mandates nor other precautions are returning to schools that are dealing with increasing new COVID cases in recent weeks.

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