Best of FETC: Top Takeaways and Future Trends for 2024

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Date & Time: Wednesday, February 14 at 4 pm ET

What was all the buzz at FETC on the expo floor, concurrent sessions, and mainstage presentations? What new products made the biggest splash? What were the most popular content sessions?

We will devour the social media posts, attendee feedback, and personal experiences of our special guests to explain what was discovered and revealed at FETC 2024 that will set the rest of the year on fire.

This post-event wrap up will detail the key ideas and takeaways that could impact how education moves forward in 2024! We want to share the best things we learned to help you make decisions going forward. Join us as we recap the themes of curiosity, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, virtual reality, creativity, connections, equity and balancing humanity with technology.


Jennifer Womble, Conference Chair, FETC

Rita Ferrandino, Founder, Arc Capital Development

Kristin Merrill, Fourth Grade Teacher , @TheMerrillsEDU

Joe Merrill, First Grade Teacher, @TheMerrillsEDU

Marlon Styles, Partner, Learner-Centered Collaborative

Micah Ward, Education Reporter, District Administration

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Edtech influencer and author Matt Miller recaps the Future of Education Technology Conference 2019.

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