Wes Boggs

Ten AI-Powered Tools to Use With Students to Engage All Learners

Date & Time: Thursday, June 20th at 2 pm ET

The landscape of educational technology has transformed dramatically in the last year, exploding with the rise of AI tools. As classrooms increasingly integrate digital tools, understanding these AI tools for student use is crucial. AI-powered tools facilitate personalized learning, productivity and efficiency, content creation, assessment, knowledge building, content review, tutoring, collaboration, communication, and developing technology skills for the future. It offers instant feedback, real-time support, and deeper understanding through interaction.

School library books could face removal statewide if handful of Utah boards say they are indecent

The legislative proposal was approved by committee on Wednesday despite objections from some lawmakers. It has been sent to House for consideration during 2024 session.

Alabama Department of Education wants to give stipends for special ed teachers

A $5,000 stipend and 20% ($1,000) benefits for each teacher are meant to recruit new educators and retain existing ones in areas with shortages.

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