Trish Rubin

Enhancing your school’s restorative justice practice

Through branding's “Rule of Three,” you can leverage positive relationships, behavior and culture in the school community, says DA Marketing Matters columnist Trish Rubin.

We don’t need another hero

Image is the true blockbuster element of your K-12 leadership brand, says guest columnist Trish Rubin, a marketing instructor at Baruch College in New York and the author of BrandED: Tell Your Story, Build Relationships, and Empower Learning.

DA op-ed: How cross-cultural marketing can improve your school communications

Amy GÁ³mez began her career as an academic researcher and instructor, but left the academy to pursue a marketing career focused on multicultural consumers....

Connect your school brand from the inside out

Marketing a school brand is important in our mobile, social media world. What school doesn't need to tell its story? Having reliable communication channels...

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