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Seattle school closures: Why almost every student would be affected

While only 20 yet-to-be-named elementary schools are targeted for closure, the impact will be felt in nearly every K-5 building. That’s because the district intends to redraw attendance boundaries broadly.

Dual language education is one step closer to becoming a WA law

The Legislature plans to annually fund at least 10 new dual language education programs, with the average grant award of $40,000. Those grants will help with program startup costs, support professional development for teachers and provide instructional materials in the second language being taught.

The Seattle School Board rule that nobody seems to want to enforce

Earlier this month, it became clear that Seattle School Board Director Vivian Song no longer lives in the area she represents. But even though the board acknowledged the problem, it seems unlikely it will take action.

Washington districts facing steep enrollment declines consider closing schools

Many districts in the Puget Sound region continue to record student numbers that are well below the enrollment they enjoyed before the pandemic, which has resulted in dire financial binds.

Seattle school closures could hinge on new enrollment, capacity counts

Faced with declining enrollment and a $104.4 million deficit, Seattle Public Schools administrators will roll out a fiscal stabilization plan that could pave the way for school closures and consolidations.

AI might disrupt math and computer science classes—in a good way

As schools across the country debate banning AI tools, some math and computer science teachers are embracing the change because of the nature of their discipline.

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