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Students target teachers in group TikTok attack, shaking their school

Seventh and eighth graders in Malvern, Pa., impersonating their teachers posted disparaging, lewd, racist and homophobic videos in the first known mass attack of its kind in the U.S.

The pandemic’s babies and toddlers are struggling in school

Interviews with more than two dozen teachers, pediatricians and early childhood experts depicted a generation less likely to have age-appropriate skills—to be able to hold a pencil, communicate their needs, identify shapes and letters, manage their emotions or solve problems with peers.

Los Angeles USD’s A.I. ‘friend’ for public school students falls flat

Los Angeles schools hired a start-up to build an A.I. chatbot for parents and students. A few months later, the company collapsed.

Why U.S. schools are facing their biggest budget crunch in years

Districts across the country must make tough decisions about cuts that will affect millions of families as soon as the next school year. The cuts, which many districts put off during the pandemic, could interrupt the recovery of U.S. students.

The culture wars came to a California suburb. A leader has been ousted.

Voters recalled a Southern California school board president after his conservative majority approved policies on critical race theory and transgender issues.

School cellphone bans have buzz, but may be hard to enforce

When it comes to banning cellphones in schools, success could be determined by the details. Do bans apply only to classrooms, or also to hallways, bathrooms and cafeterias, where students are much more likely to be absorbed in TikTok or text messages?

Is it possible to desegregate the nation’s biggest school system?

The tactics for attacking segregation today are different from those employed in school districts generations ago. Across the city, some local districts and schools are trying other ways to mix student bodies without explicitly using race, as a way to avoid limits created by past Supreme Court cases.

A school with 7 students: Inside the ‘microschools’ movement

When Nathanael was in kindergarten, he told his mother, Diana Lopez, that he did not want to return to school—ever. His teacher yelled at him, he said. And when Ms. Lopez picked him up from school, he would often immediately start to cry.

Top education officials were warned of FAFSA overhaul hurdles in 2020

Long before the Education Department’s overhaul of the federal student aid application fell apart this year, officials who now lead the department were warned of a complex and time-consuming effort and its potential pitfalls.

The algebra problem: How middle school math became a national flashpoint

Top students can benefit greatly by being offered the subject early. But many districts offer few Black and Latino eighth graders a chance to study it.

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