Quintin Shepherd

Quintin “Q” Shepherd is a seasoned public-school superintendent with 18 years of experience serving in three states. He began his career in education as a school custodian, became a PreK-12 music teacher, and served as an elementary principal before serving as a high school principal. Q is also an adjunct faculty at the University of Houston-Victoria and the author of the best-selling book, "The Secret to Transformational Leadership", which has been widely celebrated for its insights into effective leadership.

Navigating leadership churn: A 3-part guide for a future-ready education system

While personnel transitions are not uncommon in K12, the factors contributing to this sweeping change are diverse and interconnected.

Feedback vs. feed-forward: A field guide for education leaders

Feedback is reflective, serving as a mirror that tells individuals "who you are." It analyzes past actions, behaviors, or results. In contrast, feed-forward projects future potential, painting a picture of "who you are becoming."

Harnessing the power of language: A shift from transactional to transformational leadership in education

The choice of language in leadership is more than mere semantics; it's a fundamental reflection of our approach towards those we lead. As we strive to cultivate an empowering, innovative, and compassionate school culture, let us consciously shift our language and leadership style from "what I want from you" to "what I want for you".

From ‘me’ to ‘we’: Why strong board-superintendent relationships are important

When boards and superintendents work together, they can set clear goals and expectations for student achievement and ensure that all students have the support and resources they need to succeed.

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