Nancy Mann Jackson

How personalized learning powers special ed

Whole-classroom personalized learning approaches can make a big impact on students with disabilities.

How coaches help teachers get the most from ed tech

School districts have been overwhelmed with the array of ed tech. For many K-12 leaders, the answer has been to hire instructional technology coaches to guide classroom implementation.

Four best practices for instructional tech coaches

Instructional technology coaches can help teachers improve instruction by guiding the adoption of ed tech into the classroom. Here are four key strategies.

How school buildings are getting smarter

As the world becomes increasingly connected, school districts are harnessing new technologies, such as automation and facial recognition, to develop smart school buildings that are safer and more efficient.

Fortify your school against financial risk

Mitigating financial risk means one person alone never sells tickets or collects money at a Wayzata High School football game in the Minneapolis suburbs.

Establish financial boundaries for PTAs and other groups

In most districts, booster clubs, PTAs and other entities manage funds at risk of fraud or mismanagement. Districts should clarify that outside-group fundraising is...

Financial risk reduces school safety, lowers morale

When a corporation mismanages finances, employees and stockholders often suffer. When a school district's funds are mismanaged or stolen, the potential negative consequences include: ...

Code to consistency in K12 schools

Today's student must learn to code. Yet, many districts struggle to implement comprehensive coding programs that work for students in various schools and grades, and that keep up with advancing technology.

Code: Resources and equipment for launching K12 programs

The following sites will help educators get started—or enhance—K12 coding programs. Scratch CS First Fisher Price Code-a-Pillar Cubelets Little Bits Dash and Dot Main...

Coding curriculum: What coding looks like in the classroom

Adding coding to the curriculum offers a new way to engage students in learning. Here are some ideas for connecting coding to the elementary curriculum.

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