Lori Koerner

Lori Koerner is the assistant superintendent for human resources and elementary education at Riverhead Central School District in New York.

Why nourishing the whole teacher is one of the critical issues in education

I propose we add teacher preparation and retention to the list of critical issues in education and place them high on that list.

DA op-ed: Critical issues in education for the next 5 years

There are numerous challenges facing our education system. Given the ever-changing dynamics of American public education, the most critical issues in the next five years include funding, school safety, student mental health, technology and innovation.

DA op-ed: Leveraging the ‘extra information’ in the grade book

I taught in a classroom for 26 years prior to becoming an administrator. Over the years, I've realized that when educators hear the word...

Are your teachers data literate?

School leaders can address the challenges of data literacy by providing professional development opportunities to share the conceptual framework for data literacy, and expose teachers and staff to various forms of assessment and analysis of data.

The play’s the thing for elementary ed

Play is not a luxury; it is a necessity. In many districts across the United States, recess in elementary school is being questioned, reduced and even eliminated to increase instructional time. Students need ample time for recess and brain breaks to help them to develop social competencies and attention to learning.

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