Lenny Schad

Lenny Schad, one of the most prominent voices in K12 technology leadership, is District Administration's chief information and innovation officer and technology editor-at-large.

Building resilient educational infrastructures: A strategic approach to disaster preparedness and business continuity in K12 education

As leaders in the educational sector, it's our responsibility to ensure not just the continuity of teaching and learning but also the resilience of the IT systems that support these functions.

Embracing the AI renaissance in K12 education

This article intends to introduce key areas of focus that must be considered in the strategic planning process for any district ready to embark on the AI world.

Tracks to success: FETC 2024’s 7 track offerings are a must for K12 decision-makers

In the ever-changing landscape of K12 education, decision-makers play a critical role in shaping the direction and success of their districts. The Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) 2024 offers a comprehensive lineup of tracks designed specifically to meet the needs of these influential leaders.

Embrace the Future: Why K12 superintendents and cabinet members should attend FETC 2024

As the educational landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, K12 superintendents and cabinet members are faced with the challenge of staying ahead of the curve. To navigate this ever-changing environment and lead their districts to success, it is essential for these educational leaders to embrace the power of technology.

Expectation management for IT leaders: Defining what, and when, to expect after COVID

Setting expectations is more than just stating what you want to happen. As leaders, we must pause and endeavor to understand the three organizational realities.

Technology leadership: Navigating the changing landscape

DA's National Technology Leadership Academy is a virtual event designed for technology leaders and their management teams that specifically focuses on the new role technology plays.

Cybersecurity: What questions should district leaders be asking?

Five questions district leaders should ask to ensure there is a shared ownership model between the school board, superintendent, and IT department.

Organization Change Management: Getting your district ready for the start of school and beyond

A structured change management process can help districts come up with a sustainable way to adapt to the current realities and create buy-in across the district.

Device management strategies Part 3: Maintenance

Once your collection and deployment plans are in place, you must tackle how maintenance and inventory will be managed.

Device management strategies Part 2: Deployment

Having a solid plan for distributing devices, including who has ownership responsibility, is key to success.

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