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Voices in Tech: How to lead teams through the K-12 storage wars

San Antonio ISD Chief Information Technology Officer and FETC featured presenter Kenneth J. Thompson is shoring up infrastructure and utilizing cloud storage, but shifting culture is job No. 1.

Offering ‘flexible instruction’ instead of snow days? Don’t forget about IDEA compliance.

Schools in Pennsylvania now have the option to use "flexible instructional days" in place of snow days. Here are key considerations for schools to implement these programs in compliance with the IDEA and Section 504.

Collect ample data when team considers shifting approach to assistive technology but parent disagrees

New developments in assistive technology may make some services in a student's IEP unnecessary, but changes need to be implemented carefully.

Are students’ assistive technology devices ready for the new school year?

Not having assistive technology ready for students who need it can delay learning and cause frustration for parents and teachers.

Voices in Tech: What comes after access?

Chief Technology Officer and FETC speaker Marlo Gaddis discusses how students need to be taught how to use tech or a digital divide will persist even if everyone has a device.

Florida ED school safety portal goes live

The Florida Schools Safety Portal, which went live Aug. 1, gives Florida school threat assessment teams wider access to data to evaluate school safety threats.

Help students stay focused, manage distractions with these online tools

At the recent International Society for Technology in Education conference, special education teacher and edtech consultant Katie Nieves Licwinko shared these five apps to reduce online distractions at school.

IES awards $10.2 million in edtech grants to 23 organizations

This year's grantees are focused on the development of a range of tools such as a platform to evaluate scholastic esports programs, an augmented reality sandbox for early learning STEM instruction, and a web-based tool to assess communication skills that students need for college and career readiness.

How virtual reality is changing the game of teacher training

The technology is being used as a teacher training and development tool for everything from classroom management to identifying students at risk of suicide.

Learn how digital tools can help with communication logs

Here are tips and tools for streamlining the task of summarizing, documenting and sharing daily activities.

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