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Voices in Tech: How to lead teams through the K-12 storage wars

San Antonio ISD Chief Information Technology Officer and FETC featured presenter Kenneth J. Thompson is shoring up infrastructure and utilizing cloud storage, but shifting culture is job No. 1.

IES awards $10.2 million in edtech grants to 23 organizations

This year's grantees are focused on the development of a range of tools such as a platform to evaluate scholastic esports programs, an augmented reality sandbox for early learning STEM instruction, and a web-based tool to assess communication skills that students need for college and career readiness.

5 need-to-know tech tools for students with disabilities

Free or low-cost tools, some of which are embedded in devices or apps that students already use, can improve readability of digital text, says edtech expert and FETC speaker Leslie Fisher.

Don’t just hit send! 5 rules to follow for digital communication

Technology can make it easier to communicate with parents and others about special education matters, but the convenience of digital communication can also lead to embarrassment and liability.

3 ways to ‘zhoosh up’ online learning with UDL

Practitioners at the UDL-IRN Summit last month shared ways to add “zhoosh,” or excitement, to blended and online learning with universal design for learning's three principles.

FETC Voices in Technology: Monitoring for signs of harm

How technology provides districts with information about potential signs of self-harm or cyberbullying.

FETC Voices in Technology: The Qualities of Modern CIO

When it comes to the qualities of a modern CIO, communicating and empathizing with staff during periods of change is as important as knowing the technology.

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