Emily Ann Brown

Virtual science fairs for the future

In the future, expect science fairs and STEM nights to continue to move toward project-based problem-solving. As technology evolves and global communication grows, educators may begin to incorporate virtual exchange into their programs.

E-fairs offer year-round access to books

Schools can operate a virtual book fair at any time of the school year. As with in-person events, this online opportunity allows teachers to host a classroom-specific fair and earn money to pay for classroom supplies.

Reading for fun declines with age

Children between the ages of 6 and 17 have demonstrated a steady commitment to reading over the past decade, but on average, reading declines as kids get older, according to the seventh edition of Scholastic's “Kids and Family Reading Report.”

School book fairs bounce back

The fascination with digital books appears to have leveled off, so schools across the country are focusing on physical books, particularly for younger kids. Plus, an increasing number of parents want to build a home library to give children easier access to books.

Voices in Tech: How to use devices in the early grades

This Q&A with Rachel Bodoin, blended learning specialist from Springfield Public Schools in Missouri, addresses how successful implementation of edtech requires a shift in culture and ongoing support for educators.

How book fairs work for high schools

High school book fairs remain rare. Older students are more likely to have transportation to bookstores or own digital devices they can use to buy e-books.

Washington Watch: The top technology influencing K-12’s future

The latest K-12 edtech news from the nation's capital, including what technology is expected to have an impact on education and the growing need for broadband.

How San Antonio is reinventing its charter school system

Trinity University is launching a unique higher education-leadership program and charter school incubator.

Seeking edtech grants? These 5 resources may help

Tap into available grants for technology and professional development with this DA resource guide.

K-12 research roundup: Personalized learning, school revenue and high school credentials

Current research examines issues in K-12 education, including digital learning policies, high school student credential attainment, and per-pupil spending in U.S. school districts.

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