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Emily Ann Brown

Among the benefits of open educational resources in Liberty Public Schools in Missouri is that students now have  access more recent resources than traditional textbooks.
School bus drivers in Georgia’s DeKalb County School District participate in a school bus rodeo, an annual event to boost driving skills, including for drivers involved in special needs transportation.
digital arts
Research shows that children can learn best from long-term exposure to a language. A child’s ability to analyze language and phonological awareness help lead to fluency. ( skynesher)
School CIOs can employ various methods of evaluating educational technology to make sure hardware and software is supporting student achievement.
Next generation science fairs include The Intel International Science & Engineering Fair, which brings together aspiring scientists from around the world.
Parents still gravitate toward a school book fair because they like when children get reading recommendations from educators. Providers who have offered e-books at the fairs have found that kids, and many adults, still prefer paperbacks.
Students still love holding books in their hands and collecting titles to fill their home libraries. Schools across the country are therefore recommitting to the good old school book fair in elementary and middle schools as providers also test out approaches to holding the events in high schools.