Deborah Yaffe

K12 attendance in action

Years ago, it was easy for districts to ignore what high average daily-attendance numbers can conceal: kids, sometimes lots of them, who miss weeks...

STEM for small-town schools

Every spring, Graham Local Schools fourth- and fifth-graders hatch and release trout during a unit that covers aquaponics, hydroponics and conservation. Older students raise...

How K12 is outwitting anxiety

Last fall, a national problem arrived in Superintendent Richard Scaletta's corner of rural northwestern Pennsylvania. Principals in the General McLane School District began reporting unprecedented levels of misbehavior: students in frequent and severe distress, sometimes kicking, biting or throwing things.

No more zeros in K12 education

One education researcher calls it "the academic death penalty": A grade of zero on a 100-point scale, a mark that spells disaster for a...

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