Deborah Yaffe

How to set up new teachers for success

School systems are getting results from teacher residencies, which offer more immersive and more rigorous training experiences than the typical student-teaching stint.

Recovery high schools make dent in teen substance abuse

Despite research showing that recovery high schools help students stay clean and earn diplomas, the often costly programs remain small-scale and rare.

Recovery high school students tell their stories

At their hometown high schools, they were dropouts, bad kids, problems. At home, they lied to their parents, stole from their siblings or sneaked...

Gifted and talented diversification reaches for full potential

Five years ago, the lack of diversification in the gifted and talented program in Minnesota's Mankato Area Public Schools illustrated a nationwide problem. African-American,...

Gifted and talented strategies to maintain diversity

Diversifying gifted and talented programs represents only the first step in expanding access, educators say. Districts also must retain those students—and that means ensuring their experiences are positive.

Gifted and talented program numbers fail to add up

Look at a graph of the racial and ethnic makeup of the nation's typical gifted and talented program over the past 25 years, and the lines are mostly flat. Whites and Asians remain overrepresented relative to their numbers in the population.

K12 attendance in action

Years ago, it was easy for districts to ignore what high average daily-attendance numbers can conceal: kids, sometimes lots of them, who miss weeks...

Snail mail helps solve attendance problems

Every school district in the country could reduce student absenteeism by 10 to 15 percent immediately—and it wouldn't even cost that much, Harvard Public...

Roll-call reversals

Greene County Career Center (Ohio) Initiative: A truancy interventionist helps students cope with life challenges such as daycare for their children, homelessness and driving parents...

STEM for small-town schools

Every spring, Graham Local Schools fourth- and fifth-graders hatch and release trout during a unit that covers aquaponics, hydroponics and conservation. Older students raise...

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