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How schools’ long summer breaks started, why some want the vacation cut short

Schools didn't always have such a long summer break. In the early 19th century, schools in cities were typically open year round while schools in rural areas typically had two terms, one in the winter and another in the summer.

Smoking laptop burns student during MCAS testing at Massachusetts school

School officials showed reporters the charred Acer Chromebook Tuesday afternoon. "It's scary. It's scary looking stuff," said Uxbridge Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Baldassarre.

Parents concerned over Modesto sex education curriculum, attorney general responds

California Attorney General Rob Bonta said his office has received complaints from parents that the curriculum may contain religious doctrine when it comes to the topic of abortions.

Minnesota education officials report small decrease in 2023’s graduation rate

Officials say the slight decrease in the total graduation rate is partially due to the 0.4% increase in the unknown rate, which tracks students "who were either incorrectly reported or were not reported as enrolled elsewhere."

Contracts approved for St. Paul Public Schools educators, bus drivers

On Monday evening, the St. Paul Public Schools Board of Education approved the new 2023-2025 contracts for the St. Paul Federation of Educators. Educators and the school district previously reached a tentative agreement just days before a strike was planned. 

Minneapolis teachers to rally after district lays out plan to possibly cut 200-plus full-time positions

District leaders cite declining enrollment, rising costs and the end of COVID-19 funding for the historic $110 million budget shortfall they're facing.

Maryland school districts wrestle with cell phone use policies, consider legislative means

The hold that phones have on young kids and teens in America today is evident, and it's something teachers and school leaders have increasingly struggled with regulating over the years.

New report clears Uvalde police in school shooting response

An investigation Uvalde city leaders ordered into the Robb Elementary School shooting put no blame on local police officers and defended their actions Thursday, despite acknowledging a series of rippling failures during the fumbled response to the 2022 classroom attack that left 19 children and two teachers dead.

South Jersey superintendents devastated after districts face millions in state funding cuts

"We were in utter disbelief," Superintendent Carol Birnbohm said. "We thought that perhaps it maybe was a mistake, and when we double-checked that it wasn't a mistake, our disbelief turned into shock and devastation."

South Carolina school district reviews, returns dozens of books after ban attempt

The books include best sellers "The Kite Runner'' and "The Handmaid's Tale." Many on the list are young adult novels with minority, gay, lesbian or transgender characters.

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