Carolyn Crist

Schools reenergize next-generation science fairs

As science education has expanded in recent years to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards—which include project-based learning and multidisciplinary studies in technology, engineering and mathematics—so have the corresponding science fairs.

Next-generation science project ideas

Want to transform your traditional science fair idea into one that fits a next-generation classroom? Check out these examples from Liza Rickey of Sartori Elementary School in Renton, Washington.

How to supply tech essentials for esports in schools

If 2018 was known as the Wild West in K-12 esports, 2019 has become the year of “manageable chaos,” technology directors say.

Do you know the system requirements for esports in schools?

Although the debate will forever rage regarding the best parts to put into a gaming computer, including which pieces are most important to prioritize, several esports leagues across the country have compiled lists of minimum requirements and suggested upgrades.

Makerspace alternatives: Maker-carts and ‘breakerspaces’

Not all districts can dedicate time, space or money to a makerspace, but educators can still incorporate innovative tinkering. In some schools, teachers have created...

Makerspace shopping lists for schools

The supplies and technology you put in your makerspace will depend on the level of learning that will take place.

A school makerspace inspires STEM invention everywhere

Today's focus on STEM projects seems irrevocably linked to makerspaces. Educators have seen students thrive when they experiment with tools and technology to create various objects.

Safety and privacy do’s and don’ts with voice-activated technology

Safety and privacy of students and their data remains a key concern when teachers bring Alexa, Google Home and other voice-activated devices into the...

Voice-activated technology sounds better in education

As voice-activated devices transition from homes to classrooms, dozens of teachers now lead spelling practice, present history lessons and interact with their students in new ways.

10 ways to use voice-activated technology in the classroom

Experts and educators offer tips on how to use Alexa, Google Home and other voice-activated devices in the classroom. These suggestions cover instructional uses and security.

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