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Carolyn Crist

All fourth- and fifth-grade students at Westgate Elementary in Arlington Heights, Illinois, participate in the Inquiry Fair, learning communication, project management and media analysis skills along the way.
The esports team at Carey Exempted Village School District in Ohio received $5,000 from administrators to build six computers from scratch to use in practice and competition.
Esports in schools isn’t possible without the support of IT staff. At Bryant Public Schools in Arkansas, District Systems Administrator Sean Foster, says teachers and tech staff need to keep one another in the loop to make sure all the software and hardware is up to date.
Students from Putnam County Schools in in Tennessee display their makerspace creations.
tudents work with a range of materials each day as they develop STEM-oriented projects in the makerspace at Marin Country Day School in Northern California. The school initially created the space for an after-school club.
VOICE-ACTIVATED TECHNOLOGY—In this fifth-grade classroom in Mansfield, Massachusetts, the teacher appoints a “Googler of the Day” to plug in the Home device when someone has a question, to ask that question, and then to unplug the device so it does not continue to record classroom activities.
VOICE-ACTIVATED Q&A—Students in the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township in Indiana ask Alexa questions about what they’re studying. For safety reasons, the IT team has connected the device to a specialized Wi-Fi network.
Ingrid Zabel, an author of "Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change," speaks to children at the Cayuga Nature Center in Ithaca, New York, about how climate change is altering animal habits.