Carol Patton

Are your employees feeling good about their paychecks?

Offering competitive salaries or developing a variety of income opportunities for instructional and noninstructional employees and job seekers sends a clear message: You're valued, needed and essential to our district's success, says DA HR columnist Carol Patton.

Why do your employees stay?

Understanding the reasons can help leaders boost recruitment and retention, says Carol Patton, DA HR columnist.

Building a culture of lifelong learning

School districts apply different approaches to professional development and support educators to encourage excellence and retention, says Carol Patton, DA HR Matters columnist.

DA op-ed: Common problems, uncommon approaches

Like many employers, Great Falls Public Schools in Montana was confronted by soaring health care costs for its 1,900 employees serving students in preschool...

DA op-ed: Help your school board better understand employees

Twice a month, board of director members for Topeka Public Schools in Kansas spend the first 20 minutes of their board meetings celebrating the...

Creating a quality employee experience

Every month, Tiffany Anderson, superintendent at Topeka Public Schools in Kansas, emails the district's 3,000 teachers and staff, asking whether anyone needs time off...

Reducing employee negativity in schools

Lack of resources. Tight deadlines. Inadequate training. These scenarios can trigger anxiety, frustration or other negative emotions at public schools. "I felt all of these...

Strategies for resolving employee issues in K-12

Whether it results from misinformation, staff complaints or faculty disagreements about new policies, all districts face employee issues. Some have learned better than others...

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