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Diplomas for sale: $465, no classes required. Inside one of Louisiana’s unapproved schools

Unlike public schools, formal homeschooling programs or traditional private schools, nearly 9,000 private schools in Louisiana don’t need state approval to grant degrees. Nearly every one of those unapproved schools was created to serve a single homeschooling family, but some have buildings, classrooms, teachers and dozens of students.

Teachers and students grapple with fears and confusion about new laws restricting pronoun use

Indiana is among at least 10 states that have enacted laws prohibiting or restricting students from using pronouns or names that don’t match their sex assigned at birth, a restriction that opponents say further marginalizes transgender and nonbinary students. Most of the laws were enacted this year and are part of a historic wave of new restrictions on transgender youth approved by Republican states.

Years after strike, West Virginia public workers push back against another insurance cost increase

In 2018, West Virginia school employees went on strike for the first time in two years in large part over concerns about the Public Employees Insurance Agency’s long-term solvency. Gov. Justice created a task force to study the issue as part of his agreement with labor unions. But it never resulted in any significant policy changes to stabilize the budget.

Black and Latino students lack access to certified teachers and advanced classes, US data shows

America’s Black and Latino students are at a disadvantage in nearly every measure of educational opportunity, with less access to advanced classes, counselors and even certified teachers, according to data released Wednesday by the U.S. Education Department.

Liberal and moderate candidates take control of school boards in contentious races across US

Voters in some of the highest-profile school board elections across the U.S. rebuked conservative candidates in local school board elections who want to ban books and restrict classroom conversations on race and gender.

Librarians turn to civil rights agency to oppose book bans and their firings

The fight has involved a record number of book-banning efforts; some libraries cutting ties with the American Library Association, which opposes book bans; and even attempts to prosecute librarians for allowing children to access books some consider too graphic.

West Virginia school system mandates religious training following revival assembly lawsuit

Move comes as part of a lawsuit settlement after an evangelical preacher held a revival assembly during the school day in 2022 that some students were required to attend.

Parents like private school vouchers so much that demand is exceeding budgets in some states

It’s especially an issue in states like Arizona and Iowa, where at least some families whose children were already in private school can now take advantage of public funding.

Judge blocks California school district policy to notify parents if their child changes pronouns

Portions of the Chino Valley Unified School District's policy, which requires school staff to tell parents if their child asks to change their gender identification, was called unconstitutional.

Racial gaps in math have grown. A school tried closing theirs by teaching all kids the same classes

Hope Reed was seeing stark disparities a decade ago at her high school in the suburbs of Columbia, South Carolina. Nearly half the school's students were white, but the freshman remedial math classes were made up of almost all students of color.

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