Common Core

How to prepare for the transition to online assessment

In the 2014-2015 school year, approximately 40 states will use new online student assessments from PARCC and Smarter Balanced that will be based on the deeper and more rigorous Common Core State Standards. This article describes a state’s history with online assessments, the evolution of their infrastructure, their approach to training and communication with districts, and an in-depth look at what it took a district to implement the assessments.

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Louisiana's school technology footprint steadily improving

Some of Louisiana’s larger parishes, including Lafayette, Caddo, Rapides, Ouachita and Orleans, are lagging in providing the amount of computers and network connectivity needed in classrooms to meet minimum state standards for providing services and administering mandatory online testing in 2015.

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The Common Core and the common good

Our educational system is not keeping up with that of many other industrialized countries, even as the job market becomes more global and international competition for jobs becomes steeper. We have gone from the leader to a laggard.

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Abandoning 'Common Core' would send wrong message

An old Army buddy of mine invited me for a weekend of golf recently. Imagine my surprise if I found that, in Florida, they used a smaller golf ball. Mine would not fit in the holes and my clubs and swing would not be calibrated to the Florida balls. Fortunately, this never happens because the game of golf has standards. All balls must meet the same size, weight, velocity, and distance specifications to be considered a “golf ball.” 

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Common Core Standards’ debut is rocky, and critics pounce

The Common Core State Standards, ardently supported by the Obama administration and many business leaders and state legislatures, is facing growing opposition from both the right and the left even before it has been properly introduced into classrooms.

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Common Core could save our schools and our economy

America's public K-12 education system isn't making the grade.

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