Schools tapping into the teaching cloud

How Coppell ISD uses IBM's MobileFirst iPad app to enhance education
By: | February 21, 2017

While online curricula platforms have propelled personalized learning to new levels, Coppell ISD in north Texas takes the concepts a step further.

Using IBM’s MobileFirst iPad app, teachers tap into the internet of things to instantly see all the data collected throughout the school year on any student in class, including test scores, homework and grades—as well as disciplinary actions, extracurricular activities and insight from teachers on how they learn best.

This data-driven approach to education brings the internet of things into the classroom, offering holistic student profiles that all teachers can access.

Behind the scenes, IBM’s Watson Element for Educators uses artificial intelligence in the cloud to examine every aspect of students’ education and to create an education path just for them.

Rather than laying out a sequenced, step-by-step learning path that covers each standard in order, the cloud analysis of a student’s individual strengths and weaknesses allows the plan to deviate and skip certain topics that the student has already mastered.

Coppell ISD uses the Watson system with 5,000 students, and plans to open it up to its 12,500 students in 2018.

“It creates a personalized education trajectory for each student based on how they best learn” says Marilyn Denison, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction. “We’re knocking down the classroom walls with lessons that are in line with students’ passions. They learn 10 times more that way.”

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