Is the Science of Reading Influencing Mainstream Educational Practices? Not Enough

Decades of neuroscientific research have enriched our understanding of how young students learn to read, and what defines effective reading instruction. But unfortunately, much of mainstream education has not benefitted from these important discoveries.

Watch this webinar to learn more from an enlightening discussion with researcher and professor of psychology Dr. Susan Brady about the science of reading, and what steps to take to bring the gains from science to teachers and students.

Topics include:

  • Why the field of education is resisting and rejecting the science of reading
  • What strategies are being used to limit or block changes in instructional practices and in teacher preparation
  • What kinds of actions in states and schools indicate positive steps toward adopting science-based reading practices—and which do not
  • The webinar also includes a discussion and Q&A with Dr. Brady and literacy expert and researcher Dr. Louisa Moats.


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