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About us

District Administration print and digital media serve the top K12 leaders at virtually every school district in the U.S. with strategic information about how to most effectively manage their school districts. DA helps administrators make informed decisions about best practices and research-based approaches designed to help them improve teacher quality and increase student achievement across their districts. We bring journalistic excellence with in-depth reporting and analysis, as well as peer information about success stories that can be shared district to district.

The Team


Executive Editor
Eric Weiss

Senior Managing Editor
Melissa Ezarik

Senior Associate Editor
Matthew Zalaznick

Deputy Editor
Ray Bendici

Production Editor
Stephen Blackburn

Web Seminar Editor
Kurt Eisele-Dyrli

Editorial Assistant
Melissa Nicefaro

Copy Editor
Marybeth Luczak

Newsletter Editor
Ariana Fine

Editor Emeritus
Odvard Egil Dyrli


Vice President, Event and Media Sales, Education Group
Jim Callan

Associate Publisher, U.S. Sales Director, Education Markets
Joyce Kacin

East Coast Sales Manager
George Halo

West Coast Sales Manager
Danna Vedder

Midwest Sales Manager
Rachel Davis


Art Director
Rebecca Eller

Senior Production Designer
Edie Sutton

Lisa Wedemeyer

Management Team

Robert M. Avossa

Chief Operating Officer
Stephanie Martinez

Director of Circulation and Production
Dana Kubicko

Director of Client Services
Susan D. Charamut