Students wanted a seat at the table to advocate for climate change—and they got it

Three years ago, about 30 students across eight different schools throughout Denver Public Schools went to the board of education to pass a climate change policy. Now, they're receiving national attention for their efforts.

CTO: To make your schools more secure and sustainable, go paperless

"Paper records, stored in one location, in a non-environmentally controlled warehouse, for instance, are much more at risk than digital records secured by digital passwords," K12 technology leader Beverly Miller says.

How teaching climate change can be ideal for student engagement

It's hands-on, multidisciplinary and has real-world impacts: Teaching climate change appears to tick all the boxes for effective instruction.

How to tap into $80M in new funds available for school energy upgrades

Renew America’s Schools grant program will ultimately provide $500 million to districts serving historically disadvantaged and rural communities.

How solar panels are helping leaders put energy into teacher pay

Sheridan Community Schools has redirected about $1.3 million toward salaries each year since the Indiana district shifted to solar energy.

Made in the shade: Why new energy is building up behind school solar panels

The case for school solar panels is one that can appeal to all community members, despite their varying political views and interests.

Should districts brace for a recession? A heads-up for leaders

A recession may not be on the rise, but districts should be preparing for these economic shifts that are coming all at once.

One district’s energy efficiency project will give students a boost—and save $20 million

Conserving natural resources and the comfort of staff and students are two goals of the Cherry Creek School District's extensive energy efficiency project that will save millions.

75% of ESSER dollars are unspent and deadlines are approaching

ESSER funds offer schools a unique opportunity to both respond to the pandemic and tackle the backlog of deferred maintenance.

$500 million worth of help coming for cleaner schools and buses

Building Better School Infrastructure grants will support energy- and cost-saving redesigns and help districts transition to electric school buses.

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