Shaking up the status quo of learning and engagement

The CEO and digital learning coach at Shake Up Learning and FETC 2020 presenter Kasey Bell discusses how she has helped thousands of educators transform their classrooms.
By: | December 6, 2019

Kasey Bell, the CEO and Digital Learning Coach at Shake Up Learning, will be presenting at FETC 2020 in Miami.

Bell is a former middle school teacher and self-proclaimed “middle school survivor.” She loved working with students and other teachers, but over time found she lacked the passion for being a language arts teacher. When she decided to get her master’s degree in education technology, her career pursuits lined up. “It was a great transition for me. I moved into a coaching role at my school district, where I was helping teachers learn how to integrate technology,” she says.

It was during coaching sessions with teachers that Bell realized blogging would be an avenue to consider. As she explains, “In my training with teachers, I mentioned, ‘Oh, you should follow these great bloggers, and you should be blogging with your kids in the classroom and doing all these things.” Then I [realized], ‘Okay, if I’m saying this, I really should be making an example of myself, and this is something I should do.'”

Listen to the full Q&A here.

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