Gov. Newsom: California schools won’t reopen ‘if we wait for the perfect’

By: | January 29, 2021

A frustrated Gov. Gavin Newsom said school administrators and teachers unions should agree as soon as possible to reopen schools for younger students — or else be clear with families that they will not return to classrooms at all this academic year.

Newsom was responding to growing demands that all teachers receive vaccines first, but also a long list of conditions that go beyond what the governor has proposed as safe to reopen schools that have been shut for nearly a year. The vast majority of California’s 6 million public schoolchildren haven’t been on campuses since March.

“If we wait for the perfect, we might as well just pack it up and just be honest with folks that we’re not going to open for in-person instruction this school year,” Newsom said during a candid conversation with the Association of California School Administrators.

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