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Oklahoma social studies education to be reformed with help of conservative influencers

The committee includes conservative activists, such as Kevin Roberts, head of the Heritage Foundation, which led Project 2025, a conservative roadmap for a potential second Trump term.

Summer breaks from school get closer look in post-COVID environment

While some blame misconceptions around year-round scheduling for its drop in popularity, others say shifting to it can make the lives of families and teachers more difficult.

Schools stare down deadline as COVID-19 relief funds set to expire

Schools since the pandemic have invested money in teachers’ salaries, hiring more staff, adding math and reading specialists, updating HVAC systems and increasing mental health resources.

Schools grapple with illness stay-at-home standards amid battle against learning loss

Administrators and health care professionals are adamant about finding a balance between the necessity of letting sick students stay home and the consequences of children missing school.

The days of optional SAT scores may be coming to an end

Josef Durand, an expert admissions consultant at Quad Education Group, said SAT scores “are a notoriously poor predictor of student success and student potential in college.”

Education experts say they’re ready for AI this time

Artificial intelligence (AI) is blazing a new trail this year in education as schools take concrete steps to incorporate the technology into their teaching, replacing the panic and confusion educators previously faced.

Students’ reading and math scores are abysmal. So why is only one getting attention?

Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) results showed U.S. students hit an all-time low in their math scores last year while reading scores appear to have plateaued. Out of 81 countries, the U.S. was sixth in reading and 26th in math.

Winter blast cripples much of US, closing schools, snarling travel into Tuesday

Millions of students will have an extra long Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, with schools closed Tuesday in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Denver and other major cities, citing cold and snow.

Education set to be a prime focus of state lawmakers this year

The year is expected to bring fresh conversations on how artificial intelligence (AI) use in the classroom should be legislated, as well as debate on matters such as school choice and how to teach subjects including reading.

Schools ramp up battle against chronic absenteeism

There are numerous reasons students are missing school, including socio-emotional troubles, illness and poor academic performance itself—and administrators are tackling the problem in a variety of ways, too.

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