Artificial intelligence

Why ChatGPT-4o’s new features have serious potential for learning

Need a math tutor? Just share your screen with AI and it'll see exactly what you're working on. Meet OpenAI's latest innovation.

Teacher morale: How to make educators happier with AI

55% of educators say they miss school due to burnout, a new survey contends. Here is how artificial intelligence can fix that.

Artificial intelligence is the teaching tool we’ve been waiting for

By demystifying artificial intelligence, we can help educators better understand how to leverage it to easily scale personalized learning opportunities.

Embracing AI in Education: A breath of fresh air for teachers and students

In the bustling world of education each May, where teachers and administrators often find themselves navigating an array of tasks and challenges at the end of the school year, the emergence of AI presents both an opportunity and a relief.

These opportunities are brought to you by the letters A & I

Effective AI use requires ample professional development opportunities, support from instructional coaches and space and grace to try, fail and try again.

Deepfakes spell trouble for leaders. Here’s some advice

Last month, a high school principal was recorded muttering racist and antisemitic comments. Except he was framed—and generative AI is to blame.

Teachers around the world are facing similar hurdles—and AI, too

In a global McGraw-Hill poll, more than half of educators said that issues at home, insufficient family support and other external influences are the "largest obstacles to student success."

AI, People, and Policies: Leadership Strategies for the New Threats Facing K-12

Date & Time: Wednesday, June 5th at 2 pm ET

Attend this DA webinar for an insightful discussion with a former superintendent, District Administration’s CIO-in-Residence, and a cybersecurity expert about new threats to security and privacy in K12 posed by AI, which emerging trends to prepare for, and how to approach AI from a policy, security, and leadership perspective.

Teaching with AI: How quickly are we transforming K12?

On National AI Literacy Day, a new survey shows that AI may well transform education but fewer than one in five teachers have used the latest technology in the classroom.

AI is now helping students write millions of K12 and college papers

Few K12 and college students are using artificial intelligence to write entire papers—but many of them are using the rapidly advancing technology, data from a leading AI detector tools shows.

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