Leadership Concerns

Don’t know about market value assets? Let this superintendent explain

They have everything to do with closed swimming pools and, more importantly, putting students on track for successful futures in college and the workforce, Superintendent Michelle Hubbard says.

The 3 important partnerships that help this superintendent make a difference

K12 partnerships at the Greenfield Union School District are driving esports, robotics, innovation and leadership, says Superintendent Zandra Jo Galván. "I'm excited about the future for kids," she exclaims.

What makes this unique middle school one of the coziest places in town

"Everybody has a role in being part of our kid's lives here while they're in the school," says Sham Bevel, a principal in Virginia Beach. "[Kids] want to be here. They know we care."

How two superintendents strive to be “real people”

Two leaders highlight key steps on a journey many K12 leaders take—that of humanizing themselves in their relationships with staff and students.

3 superintendents find new homes while more districts tap first-timers

A five-time Texas superintendent is shifting to a much bigger school system while three other K12 leaders are getting ready to relocate.

DALI superintendents summit: 7 important things leaders are talking about

This fall in Tucson, teacher shortages and superintendent longevity were top of mind but so were issues—such as test scores—that haven't been getting as much attention as of late.

Why this principal strives to be a ‘great simplifier’

The key to improving student outcomes is helping educators find a comfortable place to start working toward big goals, says Danny Mendez, Indiana's Principal of the Year. "This is the one profession that helps create all the other professions. It's being a storyteller about our kids—who they are, what they need, what they want to be and what their dreams are."

One superintendent rebukes school board amid a new batch of resignations

A Massachusetts superintendent lamented a 'difficult work environment' created by the school committee while a New Jersey district fired its leader in the wake of a lawsuit alleging offensive behavior.

How one superintendent balances being an introvert and a great communicator

"Be open, be honest, be respectful—those are words I hear from students, especially our older students who are trying to find out who they are and what they'd like to be in this world," Superintendent Shaun Carey says.

Uvalde picks new leader as 6 other districts hire superintendents

The Uvalde school district has picked its new superintendent after a year without a permanent leader, as a large Florida district and a half dozen others also filled vacancies at the top.

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