Leadership Concerns

Big district gets new leader as busy hiring season continues

Broward County Public Schools' superintendent resigned suddenly last week but there won't be a national search to replace him.

Superintendent hiring season is now kicking into higher gear

This spring's busy hiring season is giving the next generation of superintendents their first chance to run their own districts. 

5-year promise: How one leader steers her strategic plan

Worcester Public Schools' new strategic plan is more than just a road map for Superintendent Rachel Monárrez. It represents a "five-year promise" to the community.

4 superintendents are switching places as hiring surge continues

T. Lamar Goree, a former Louisiana superintendent of the year, has been named the lone finalist to become the new leader of Duncanville Independent School District in Texas.

Why one superintendent says collaboration is more important than ever

Whitehall City Schools' mascot is the Ram, which also serves as an acronym for one of Superintendent Sharee Wells' most important philosophies: Relationships always matter.

‘No big deal’: How one superintendent is embracing AI

"Kids are already using it," Superintendent Minerva Garcia-Sanchez says. "To them, it's no big deal. It's us making a big deal of it, and causing it to be more than it really is."

Fresh perspectives: The latest round of newly installed superintendents are first-timers

K12 leaders are switching places but a majority of the new hires in about a dozen districts are getting their first chance at the top spot.

Added responsibilities are driving teachers out of the profession

"Something isn't right, and the ramifications are clear," a new analysis reads. What factors should district leaders address to keep educators in the profession?

Running the rec department is a big reward for one superintendent

"It's a perfect setup," Waterford Graded School District Superintendent Tony Spence says. "It’s not just an outreach to members of the community who are already in the schools, it’s an outreach to those who are beyond."

New group of superintendent hires reflects diversity—to a degree

Administrators from underrepresented groups and women are stepping up but white men continue to represent the majority of new superintendents picked by school boards. 

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