Biden: I don’t blame teachers or their unions for schools staying closed (subscription)

By: | January 27, 2021

President Biden made it clear that he is not blaming teachers and their unions for schools remaining closed during the coronavirus pandemic, telling reporters at the White House that reopening is “complicated” and that all the teachers he knows want to get back to their classrooms.

At a time when the Chicago Teachers Union is refusing an order by district and city officials for educators return to their classromm, Biden said that districts should prioritize fixing ventilation systems, securing sufficient personal protective equipment and establishing coronavirus testing systems. Chicago schools officials have said that have spent millions of dollars doing so, but the union has countered that those efforts have not been nearly enough to make schools safe.

Asked by one reporter how the president defines his message of “unity”, Biden talked about Americans coming together to solve problems, including reopening schools. He said people know “we have to do something about figuring out how to get children back in school,” and he rejected blaming teachers and their unions.

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