Utah parents push back on ongoing mask mandate in schools as statewide requirement nears end

Statewide mandate ends April 10, but K-12 school requirement remains in place until June 15.

From planned weekend rallies in school districts across the state to speaking out at local school board meetings, some parents are pushing back against Utah’s ongoing public health order that requires K-12 students to wear masks at school until June 15.

The resistance comes as Utah’s statewide mask mandates end April 10, although businesses and other private property owners can still require them. The Utah Jazz organization announced earlier this week that masks will continue to be required at home games, which is also a league requirement.

Some parents say the transmission of COVID-19 in schools has been minimal and they question why students must continue to wear masks.

“I’m here to ask you to remove the masks. The data and the science is clear that there is no spread within the schools and there’s no reason to be masking our children any longer. Masks are detrimental to our children’s health,” said parent Stewart Campbell, addressing the Davis Board of Education on Tuesday.

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