Over 96% of kindergarten teachers are women, research shows—here’s how to attract more men

While it may be tempting to attribute the gender disparity to women’s inclination for nurturing roles, a more plausible reason may be the economics—specifically, the dismally low salaries in the profession.

Tackling school absence is as much about changing the school as the student

School attendance in many countries has fallen off a cliff since the pandemic, with absence rates significantly up on pre-Covid-19 levels.

It’s not their mindset that’s holding children back at school, study suggests

Children’s ‘growth mindset’, characters and attitudes to learning have little impact on how well they do at school, according to a new study. Instead, researchers point to external factors such as school funding, pre-school placements and opportunities outside school as much more important in bringing about meaningful change.

Is this the secret to reinventing high school?

Educators, philanthropists, and all kinds of advocates have been trying to reinvent high school for decades, with little success. Now, the Carnegie Foundation and Educational Testing Service (ETS) have launched an effort to kick things up a notch.

In the age of AI-enabled attacks, should every school have a CISO?

Surprisingly to some, the cybersecurity, tech and education worlds are more intertwined than ever before and not always in a positive way. This is because, unfortunately, schools have increasingly become targets for cyberattacks.

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