Updated fiscal requirements pamphlet explains new Title I guidance, regs

Brought up to speed on the latest from the U.S. Education Department, the 2020 version of the pamphlet covers what's new in supplement, not supplant; equitable services; and regulatory changes.
By: | January 21, 2020

LRP Media Group, a recognized leader in the education publishing industry, has published an update to Title I Fiscal Requirements Under ESSA: From Supplement Not Supplant to Set-Asides. New material provided with the 2020 version includes analysis and explanation of the U.S. Education Department’s stance in guidance on supplement, not supplant and equitable services that the department issued in 2019. Additionally, the pamphlet catches readers up on the current state of Title I regulations — particularly those in 34 CFR 299.5 — which have undergone several changes since 2016.

The 2020 Title I Fiscal Requirements pamphlet also draws from valuable LRP materials that include Title I policy letters to further explicate what ED’s stance is on fiscal issues that districts face on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, with improved citations to guidance documents, the 2020 pamphlet provides a more thorough, authoritative reference resource to rely on while maintaining the brief, easy-to-follow language of the previous version.

With Title I Fiscal Requirements, readers will get the most relevant material districts must know regarding:

  • Supplement, not supplant.
  • Comparability.
  • Maintenance of effort.
  • Carryover.
  • Transferability.
  • Set-asides.
  • Allowability.

Plus, find a new feature on what ED requires for self-assessments and desk audits, which helps districts maintain focus on compliance and staying on the right side of all legal and policy requirements.

Title I Fiscal Requirements Under ESSA: From Supplement Not Supplant to Set-Asides is available for purchase in LRP Publications’ online store.

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