Student Mental Health & SEL: Connecting the Dots from Prevention to Behavioral Intervention

Date of broadcast: Thu, 11/04/21

There is a significant need for increased mental health support for students, and the ability for districts to identify and manage those needs must be a top priority as we continue through this school year. However, with limited staff, limited resources, and the unknown of just how many students will require support, the idea of connecting dots from prevention through behavioral intervention can feel overwhelming or impossible.

In this webinar you will gain insights from various subject matter experts and district leaders on how to increase mental health support through evidence-based SEL and intervention curriculum, as well as other tools and resources, to reduce negative student outcomes such as stigmatization, learning loss, and exposure to the criminal justice system.

We are honored to have speakers from The School District of Palm Beach County – the 10th largest school district in the U.S. with 170,000 students, 179 schools, 22,600 employees, and covering more than 2,300 square miles – join us for this timely and vital discussion on:

  • The importance of building social-emotional learning (SEL) skills in students to help them handle difficult situations and learn how to care for their mental wellbeing and safety
  • The link between unmanaged mental health and violence, and the importance of early identification of students on this path
  • Examples of prevention-type programs and emerging concerns to prepare for
  • Why district-wide training and resources for Social-Emotional Learning, Suicide Awareness and Prevention, and Behavioral Threat Assessment are more critical than ever


June Eassa
Assistant Superintendent of Student Wellness (Ret.)
The School District of Palm Beach County

Chief Dan Alexander
Chief of Police
The School District of Palm Beach County

Dr. Crystal Ladwig
VP of Curriculum for Mental Health & Wellness

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