Simplifying video sharing for educators, administrators and students

Echo360, the leading video platform for education, announced the launch of a new Groups feature to enable smarter ways to share video for student learning and success. Echo360’s video content management system now allows users to create ad hoc video repositories with controlled membership, allowing for seamless, secure video sharing with individuals, courses, and groups.

“Video provides essential opportunities for students to engage further with course content while also providing another way to share important campus information with students,” said Perry Samson, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Michigan. “With the Groups feature, we can create video repositories that make it easy to share and view video content that helps students to be successful.”

Using the new Groups capability, Echo360 users can easily bring together specific sets of people and media to enhance the faculty and student experience. These combinations can be more formal, such as a group created by a professor to share media with students enrolled in their class, or more informal, such as student-defined study groups. Group sharing provides a simple, secure way to share videos and other media with controlled membership and individualized permissions, thereby protecting creators’ intellectual property.

In addition to the Groups capability, Echo360’s platform includes a self-organizing media library that automatically categorizes videos into classes, groups, and individually shared videos. Seamlessly integrated with the market-leading Amazon Transcribe solution, video content can be automatically transcribed, providing learners with accurate, searchable transcripts and institutions with a pathway to affordable captioning for all instructional video.

“There is meaningful data and insight embedded in video content that colleges and universities have missed because they don’t have the right tools to effectively manage and share the video content they’re creating,” said Fred Singer, CEO at Echo360. “With our Groups capability and content management system, institutions can share crucial video content with students who need it, easier and earlier.”

Unlike existing multi-industry tools, Echo360’s video management solution is specifically designed to support the unique and specialized requirements of higher education. More than 1,200 schools and organizations around the world use the Echo360 video and active learning platform to support a variety of teaching and learning approaches, including active learning, online and blended learning, flipped classroom, and simulation-based learning.

About Echo360: Echo360 believes that improved outcomes start with great moments in the classroom. Developed by educators, Echo360 helps instructors record and extend those moments to improve learner engagement through accessible, engaging video-based learning. Through our smarter video platform, learners and instructors have 24/7 access to discussion of course material, presentation materials, and the lecture itself. We generate data that helps instructors, higher education institutions, and continuing education organizations proactively identify and pursue opportunities to improve learning outcomes. Today, Echo360 technologies reach more than two million learners at approximately 1,200 schools and organizations across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.


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